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Kaya (she/her)


Hi! My name is Kaya, the owner of Kaya Garden Tattoo studio. Opening a studio wasn’t always the plan, however, I always wanted to create a space where both artist and client feel the most comfortable and safe. And I’m still trying it! :)  I finished my apprenticeship at Rubixcube Tattoo, taught by Toy and started tattooing at Little Art Tattoo since 2018 April. I mainly do fine line, detail work as well as abstract.  I was always into Surrealism and Dadaism art, I’d love to transition to body art.  Licence #102586


Wheatley (she/her)


Hey, I'm Wheatley. I'm a senior artist with close to two decades of experience under my belt. I started off studying fine art then made the transition to tattooing and never looked back. I like tattooing in a variety of styles which makes me quite versatile. I love being able to create tattooes that compliment the wearer so I'm very open to new ideas and making sure you get exactly what you are after. I have always loved art and have had the privilege to see some of the world's best artworks from the great masters. I'm glad I can bring this knowledge to the table when designing your piece. Licence #103180


Stefan (he/him)


Stefan Stjepanovic is a talented tattoo artist with over 4 years of experience in the industry. He specializes in illustrative tattooing, drawing inspiration from his love of paintings, cartoons, and music. Alongside his tattoo work, Stefan also takes on freelance illustration projects for various brands. With a background in graphic design, he brings a unique and dynamic approach to his work. In his spare time, Stefan enjoys exploring art galleries, discovering new music, and going on hikes. Licence #104809


Bobby (he/him)


From New Zealand originally, I have been in Sydney since 2018. I’ve always had a keen interest in Art since I was young. I went to university in Wellington, NZ and studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design and also tried out Animation as well. Eventually I fell into a career when I came to Sydney, after taking a break from uni and met an amazing artist who offered me an apprenticeship in 2019. I loved the style of Fineline, surrealist pieces and what could be achieved in such a small space, how a tattoo could have so much detail was crazy to me. Love working on larger scale projects and pieces that have a story to tell. My main styles Fineline, Black and grey, realism and surrealism. Licence #105367

final MISH.jpg

Misha (they/she)


Hello!!!! Misha here! I’m the person ahead of you in the cafe line who always fumbles their small change!! That being said, I’m also someone who’s been tattooing since 2020. I apprenticed initially at Little Art in Leichhardt and finished my learning under SYC tattoo at Kaya Garden Tattoo. Initially a handpoke artist, I now work exclusively with a rotary machine. I’m a huge fan of pulling from loads of different visual references, and you will find most of my work is contemporary in style and has a strong emphasis on line, clear shape design, bold use of shadows/colours as well as (what I hope is) whimsy!! During a session with me, expect a communicative, inclusive, client-paced and well-made tattoo ( as you can with any of my coworkers) at baseline, and we can take the rest of the time making sure you get something exactly as cute/cool/sweet/terrifying as you like!!! Book in with me via my website at , books are always open! :) Have a great one. Beefy Licence #106489

Hana (she/her)


Hi, I’m Hana. I grew up reading manga, watching anime and making cosplays so I’ve always had a deep love for the anime world which in turn has had a big influence on my art. Alongside my love for anime I have a deep rooted love for nature so I love doing flora and fauna tattoos. I have a particular interest in painterly colour realism, neo trad anime and black and grey animals. Licence #106024


Nell (she/they)


Hiya, Im Nell ! I Graduated with a BA of Arts at UNSW along with a Diploma of Graphics Illustration and Design at Enmore Design Centre. My passion and vision is to help change the world to normalise tattoo culture and to share love for tattoos and body art with likeminded people from all over the world. My specialties are in anime, manga ,simple colour, fine line and shaded work! To book in with me please use the form on my instagram bio! (@Inkednell) Licence #107548


Omar (he/him)


Hi, I'm Omar. DM to book with me! Licence #106357


Vanzo (she/her)


Licence #108493


Mizy (she/her)


Licence #108385


Bianca (she/her)


Hi I'm Bianca After getting my BA in Printmaking at NAS I explored a range of artistic mediums and approaches. This eventually led me to a tattoo apprenticeship in late 2021. I primarily work in a black and grey Illustrative style, but I also love to do fine line and realism. The subject matter I most enjoy tattooing is figurative, floral and animals. Licence #106450


Mike (he/him)



Hi stranger! I’m Mike (@fantaziatattoo) , an apprentice artist being taught under Kaya here at KGT. I’ve been painting tattoo flash for five years in hopes of gaining an apprenticeship. I was fortunate enough to join the KGT family at the start of 2023. I have a background in graphic design and visual arts which really pushed me into this amazing career in tattooing. I would say my style is a mix of traditional and contemporary tattooing, pulling influence from all things vintage kitsch, goth and camp. I’m so so lucky to be able to tattoo people and try my hardest to make their tattoo dreams true as I learn this amazing craft. If you’d like to book with me, feel welcome to message me on instagram (@fantaziatattoo) or email me :-) I look forward to meeting you! Licence #108430


Tuna (she-dog)



Hi! I’m Tuna, a tiny black pug. I was born in April 2018. Kaya drove all the way to Ulladulla to meet me and fell in love with me at first sight ! Because I am super cute ;D Currently I am a security dog at Kaya Garden Studio. Please pat me when you see me around!


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