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Macy (they/them)


My name is Macy and I’m a queer autistic tattooer. I’ve been Tattooing since 2017 and my main focus is cute colourful animals! I’ve always been a fan of the outdoors, farms, and everything cute. Becoming a tattoo artist I really wanted to create a style that would make every day fun for me. I feel my love for flora, fauna and for everything adorable comes through in my work. I spent the early years of my life on a goat farm, but was born and live and work in Sydney, Australia on Gadigal Land. Throughout my schooling years I chose to focus my attention on art as reading and writing was not easy for me. I was mentored by a beautiful artist through my early years, going to private art classes. However I feel I’m always trying to become a better artist every day and teach myself new things. Mental health has been a big focus throughout my life with constant struggles, so I always want to create a warm and welcoming space for all clients. Creating a comfortable experience is my main focus in my tattoo sessions. I can’t wait to keep producing art for beautiful people and see how I grow as not only an artist, but a person. Licence #103837

Elle (she/they)


Hiii, I'm Elle! I'm the resident stick and poke artist at Kaya Garden Tattoo in Dulwich Hill :) I started tattooing in 2017 whilst also completing my Fine Art degree at the National Art School, I am currently in my final year of my Masters in Painting. Throughout my life, I had always wanted to practice the art of tattoo but always felt like I wouldn't fit in in the studio environments I had been to. My love for stick and poke came from my first experience receiving one whilst living in the Northern Territory. During this appointment I felt safe, cared for, comfortable and in control, which was previously something I had never felt during a tattoo. This appointment changed the way I experienced tattoos and inspired me to want to recreate it for others. (shoutout @folkandpoke for being a total angel). My practice is deeply rooted in communication and collaboration and I do my absolute best to create a safe, inclusive and trauma-informed environment for my clients. From first communication through to the end of the appointment, you have control of your design and experience. There is no pressure for quick placement decisions or to ‘sit well’. I am inspired heavily by my studies of art history and prefer to have a varied illustrative style. I am always open to new ideas and love to create from a place of curiosity and pluralism. My books open periodically throughout the year, keep an eye on my instagram for the latest :) Licence #106249


Liv (she/her)


Hi I’m Liv! I graduated from Falmouth Art School in 2016 with a BA in Fine Art/ Illustration. Afterwards, I worked as a freelance illustrator alongside teaching art in a primary school. I started my tattoo journey in July 2021 as Kaya’s apprentice after I relocated back to sunny Sydney from south-west England. I am really inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. I work in colour, black and grey and more recently fine-line. My favourite subjects are bugs and butterflies, botanicals, lady heads and ornamentals. I proudly work with an all bodies welcome ethos and I am really lucky to work in a very calm and nurturing environment. (: Licence #106777


Emi (they/them)


Hello I’m emi (they/them), I am a hand poke and machine artist working part time at Kaya Garden, Dulwich Hill. I first learnt hand poking when I was living in Toronto, Canada after meeting Odette ( in 2019. I went on to pick up the machine in 2022 with mentorship from Troijarra (@syctattoo) and Misha (@beeftatty). To me, tattooing is a way to reclaim, feel connected to and take ownership over our bodies. A a queer trans person I understand the intrinsic relationship between our emotions, our experience and our physical form. I love tattoos because they add character, provide confidence and reflect our own self expressions. I like to work with simple lines and contrasting fills to create playful, expressive and inherently meaningless designs. Through the act of tattooing the design becomes infused with the person who wears it, the tattoo gains context through the experience of the person it is bonded to. All of my tattoo designs, further information and booking form can be found on - go check it out! Love, unlucky bandit xx Licence #105880


Starri (she/her)


Hi, I’m Starri (she/her)! I am an artist passionate about exploring the interplay between art, our environment, our bodies, and one another. My creative mediums shift with time, and currently span across tattooing, illustration, painting, and fibre art. I am fascinated by patterns, fantasy, and nature, and this reflects in the subjects and styles of tattooing I am currently most drawn to in my practice – illustrative, celestial, abstract free-flowing, flora and fauna, glitter and sparkles. As my interests and sources of inspiration shift and grow with time, my styles of tattooing have evolved throughout my tattoo journey, and I’m excited to see where it will go in the future! I’ve been making and creating ever since I can remember. I stepped foot into the tattoo industry in 2021 and have been tattooing since 2022 while completing my Law/International Studies degree at uni. Outside of art and my studies, I love to spend my time hiking, white girl dancing, giving back to my community, travelling, pspspsps at street cats, and burying my nose in a good book. In short, I like to do a lil bit of this, a lil bit of that. But here, ultimately, my aim is to create and maintain a safe, inclusive, warm and empowering space during the tattoo booking and appointment process where, by collaboration and mutual communication, I can create unique permanent art for you to wear. Hope our paths cross soon :) Licence #107026


Julia (she/her)


Hello Julia here! I’m a hand-poke tattoo artist, a regenerative agriculture student and a human that loves trees and animals and swirly flowy things. I love seeing things flourish, like when a plant puts out a new happy leaf, or the happiness you see on people when they get exactly the tattoo they were imagining. There’s something beautifully transformative that occurs with tattoos, and I think it’s a type of flourishing. I’ve been tattooing for four years now and particularly love doing soft stippled pieces ranging from detailed bonsai trees to freehand flows around the body. My practice has always been dedicated to making the client feel comfortable and safe in the session, ensuring they’re happy with the design and feel free to ask for adjustments. Licence #106327


Will (they/them)


Howdy I'm Will!! As a triple Pisces I've always had creative tendencies and after completing an animation degree found myself on the animation-to-tattooing pipeline, starting an apprenticeship in 2022. I love experimentation with organic shapes and forms, using traditional motifs and designs with a stylised and modern lens. I like to work with colour, as well as stipple shading or just sticking to line work if that's your cuppa tea! As a trans masc queer enby I want to help pave the way for a more inclusive tattooing culture - all bodies, shapes, sizes and colours are welcome and encouraged. I want my practice to be as comfortable and communicative as possible. Keep an eye on my insta for my available dates and booking info, thanks for checking out my lil about me section!! Licence #107947


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